12th December 2018 

Welcome to the Eden Clinic; providing Acupuncture, Chiropody, Osteopathy and other therapies for Barnet, Potters Bar and surrounding parts of North London

Eden Clinic is a complementary health therapy centre based in Barnet, North London, that was established in 2004 by two passionate practitioners who considered the need for a broad based, professionally run practice available to the local and surrounding communities, at prices that were fair and affordable whatever the age group. In fact some of our practitioners offer reduced rates for those who are less fortunate and if you feel you may be in this category then please telephone the partner (and acupuncturist) Adam Leighton who will discuss how we can help.

Whilst the two principles specialise in Acupuncture & Cupping and Chiropody, the Clinic offers a wide range of therapies including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, counselling and nutritional and herbal advice; all to help you back to health, or to assist you in maintaining health. We believe that it pays dividends in the long run to be proactive in your health, rather than reactive. The latter means you usually only seek treatment when you are unwell, which usually results in you requiring more treatment to get you better.

At Eden Clinic there is a wealth of experience with regard to fertility issues and obstetric matters such as breech presentation and labour induction, as well as specialists such as acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic to help you with muscular-skeletal injuries connected with the back, neck, shoulders, ankles or knees. We also offer specialised and supportive help for children/teenagers through counselling and acupuncture; Dr G Hibbert has excellent experience with ADHD and Autism, whilst Adam, the acupuncturist, successfully treats IBS, anxiety and insomnia for teenagers and has patient referrals from a paediatrician who has seen the benefits such treatment offers. We also pleased to say that Linda Gardener has returned to Eden Clinic, offering her many years experience in couple and family counselling, so we really do offer a variety of options in this complex field.

Thursday 15th March 2018
Evening Standard Special Investigation
The Opioid Time Bomb - Some Key Points From Article

*Use Of Painkillers Up By 90% in 10 Years* *23.8 Million Prescriptions For Opioids In England In 2017* *But in 90% Of Cases The Drugs Don't Work (according to the British Medical Journal 2013 and a review of randomised trials of thousands of people suffering from lower back pain and osteoarthritis)* *One Opioid Was Found To Be Less Useful Than A Placebo (and yet is prescribed!)* *In 2015 Specialists Published Good Practice Guidelines Warning Patients and Practitioners That Prescription Opioids 'RARELY' Relieve Chronic Pain And There Is LITTLE Evidence That They Are Helpful For Long-Term Pain* *263Million Cost To Taxpayer in 2017 For Opioid Prescriptions*

So if you are in pain please call the Eden Clinic and we can discuss the variety of options to treat pain including Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and More.

Eden Clinic offers the following therapies

If you are looking for a specific therapy that is not currently on offer we will do our best to find a reputable practitioner to see you. Please contact one of the two principles who not only specialise in Acupuncture & Cupping and Chiropody, but also have a varied knowledge regarding other therapies and would be able to guide you to the appropriate treatment(s) that would be best suited to you.

Complementary therapy treats the patient, not just the condition. We look for the underlying cause ... and then coax the body's natural healing mechanism to start working.

The Eden Clinic Complementary Health Therapy practice is based in Barnet, North London, within easy reach of Enfield, Potters Bar, Borehamwood, Finchley and Mill Hill.

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