22nd January 2019 


Thursday 15th March 2018

Evening Standard Special Investigation - Click Here to see the whole article, or see below for the main points...

The Opioid Time Bomb - Some Key Points From Article

*Use Of Painkillers Up By 90% in 10 Years* *23.8 Million Prescriptions For Opioids In England In 2017* *But in 90% Of Cases The Drugs Don't Work (according to the British Medical Journal 2013 and a review of randomised trials of thousands of people suffering from lower back pain and osteoarthritis)* *One Opioid Was Found To Be Less Useful Than A Placebo (and yet is prescribed!)* *In 2015 Specialists Published Good Practice Guidelines Warning Patients and Practitioners That Prescription Opioids 'RARELY' Relieve Chronic Pain And There Is LITTLE Evidence That They Are Helpful For Long-Term Pain* *263Million Cost To Taxpayer in 2017 For Opioid Prescriptions*

So if you are in pain please call the Eden Clinic and we can discuss the variety of options to treat pain including Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and More.